Traditional craft. New design.

١. Because we have an irrepressible desire for beauty.

٢. Because we celebrate a unique visual culture based on geometry, texture and colour unparalleled in its complexity and  transcendental power.

٣. Because we believe high crafts embody this culture like nothing else, and that it is our duty to sublimate and modernise it.

٤. Because we refuse to let the past generation’s masterpieces become the cultural stereotypes of the next. 

٥. Because we believe it’s time to restore our craftsmen and women’s pride by paying them fair rates and empowering them to  transmit their savoir-faire.

٦. Because we believe sustainability is the only way forward.

٧. Because we dream of creating a place where cultures are bridged, languages are mixed, and old crafts inspire new ideas.  

٨. Because be believe tradition is a resource, not a burden.

٩. And finally, because we believe in the power of good design to enrich every one of our experiences.

Our founder and creative director Kenza Bennani grew up in Tangier in a highly creative environment, collaborating at a very early age with the likes of Michael Roberts and Bruce Weber on exceptional theatrical performances directed by Joe McPhillips at the American School of Tangier. Her passion for the Arts sent her off to the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid  where she was awarded a BA in Fashion Design before she started her career designing costumes for the film, theatre and television industry in Morocco, Spain and the UK.

In 2007, she joined Jimmy Choo in London, where she contributed to sales, and later on to the design of the leather goods and footwear collections. In 2009, the house offered her an apprenticeship at one of their workshops in Florence to extend her technical knowledge with the support of the finest Italian craftsmen.
It is in Italy that she realised that luxury is, before all else, a craft sublimated by design, thus enticing a desire to enhance that of her own country.
She then returned to London and joined Louis Vuitton's sales and training teams while simultaneously building her brand and putting all the acquired skills at the service of reviving craft in a contemporary, luxurious and sustainable manner.