Traditional craft. New design.

New Tangier is a luxury designer brand that was founded in 2014 from the desire to celebrate, honour, and revive traditional Moroccan craft and its exceptional know-how by infusing it with a contemporary air. It is a platform that creates a conversation between the artisan's knowledge of technique and history and the designer’s sensitivity to what is pertinent and functional in modern times.

All the items are made in Morocco, where the finest artisans are sourced and given the opportunity to collaborate on products that will showcase their craft at its highest standards, thus contributing to the prevention of its obsolescence. In doing so, it builds collections that bring to balance beauty and sustainability.

As its core inspiration, New Tangier recalls the eponymous city's multicultural, vibrant and eccentric history as a bridge between the Arab and European cultures and builds on this great heritage with eyes set firmly on the future. It poses the question of what tomorrow is made of, and ambitiously projects to offer a new vision that embodies that cultural bridge.

Kenza Bennani
Founder and Creative Director

New Tangier was founded in 2014 by the Moroccan designer Kenza Bennani. After being awarded a BA in Fashion Design by the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid, she started her career designing costumes for the film, theatre and television industry in Morocco, Spain and the UK.
In 2007, she joined Jimmy Choo in London, where she contributed to sales, and later on to the design of the leather goods and footwear collections. In 2009, the house offered her an apprenticeship at one of their workshops in Florence to extend her technical knowledge with the support of the finest Italian craftsmen.
It is in Italy that she realised that luxury is, before all else, a craft sublimated by design, thus enticing a desire to enhance that of her own country.
She then returned to London in 2010, and joined Louis Vuitton's sales team while simultaneously building her brand and putting all the acquired skills at the service of reviving craft in a contemporary, luxurious and sustainable manner.